New look + something more

Hey guys Stella here!

Do you like how this blog looks now?

Well I sure do. Also, check out our cool new front page – images are clickable and will lead you to awesome places!

In other news nothing new is happening today, but since I was working so hard on here I decided to drop by and say hi!

Also I’d like to invite you to not only join us on the Pixie Chat like the front page says but also over on Worlize – where we all hang out.

Over there some of the bloggers tend to create events that are Pixie Hollow – related but in their own creative way.

For example, the latest one was The Pixie Hollow Prom created by Primrose aka Flame Magixx and Gwyn. It was so much fun, I was a part of it along with my fellow blogger and real life best friend Crystal Airshine and trust me I wish I had known about it last year as well. ( yes this was its second year and it was way better than the last as I heard.)

However now this event is finished, but I was using it as an example. Above is the link to Primrose’s blog where you can read the story of its creation.

Anyways, I’m planning a similar event together with Crystal Airshine, however whether it will happen or not we still don’t know.

It was a normal chat between the two of us the other day and we agreed that it was so much fun over at the prom event that we could do something ourselves and get you guys to join us now.

If this were to happen we’ll gladly inform you. For now though, Mainland problems are yelling out my name so I’ve got to go.

Have a beautiful Sunday and a happy new week’s beginning!


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