Exploring the Wilderness of WordPress

Hey guys, Amber here.


Today I went to explore the wilderness that is WordPress. I found many useful tips and also got to see a lot of quite unique and pretty Pixie Hollow – related blogs as well.

I mainly find these blogs from some that I already follow, since they have blog lists of blogs to visit or by just checking my notifications for likes and/or comments from new fairies. This second way is how I followed some of you today!

Also, I managed to learn how to add videos to my front page ( and also how to make it as well.) so now you have music to listen to there as well, which is really cool.



To be honest with you all, at first I thought I’d never learn how to use WordPress properly but look at me now, my blog looks like I’m a pro at using it, which isn’t true by the way I learn and search for new things and ways of improving existing ones every day on the interwebs.

And just a couple of days ago I found out that it’s been my blog’s first anniversary! It’s been a whole year since it’s existed over here on WordPress just as an account, without a blog – well actually there was one but I never used it. It made me learn things though and mainly I didn’t want to use this at the beginning because most of the things you’d want to do to make the blog more unique are paid services. So I didn’t wanna spend money on what I do as a hobby. Anyways, now I see that even with a free plan I can make this place awesome and I’m glad I did this despite all the hesitation.


Now, I’m sorry for the mile long post here, but I need to tell you something else as well. Today as I mentioned above I was exploring other fairies’ blogs just to see who they are and to get to know them better. I found one blog aka from my friend Phoebe Bumbleflip ( click her name to see it) and she has been busy making parodies and even rewriting famous artists’ songs, creating Pixie Hollow versions of them. I personally love this idea of hers, and also what I’m about to ask of you doesn’t go just for her, but for everything else I find cool – do you think all this stuff deserves a tab ( page ) of its own or should I just keep them reblogged on the What’s New page?

Thoughts on this would be much appreciated and of course, this goes without saying that all the things I post there ( if I indeed manage to do this ) will be with credits to the rightful owners aka creators. ( with links to their respective blogs as well ).


So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below and someone share the news with Phoebe too! ( If the tag doesn’t show up in her notifications I mean, I still don’t know but when you guys tag my blog in your posts it shows up so I guess it will for her too? o.o )

Keep them wings flappin’

See you all very soon!








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