Something that’s not PH – related

Hey guys, Stella here!

What a great night I’m having over here – what about you is your day/night going well too?

I’ve spent mine watching Dragons – Race To The Edge – the 5th season of the How To Train Your Dragon series, and let me tell you, this episode I just watched ( the fifth one If you get interested ) was so touching.

Hiccup ( the main character ) was so scared that he’d lose his best friend Astrid, and while worrying he kind of sort of expressed his true feelings to her in a way saying: ‘I can’t imagine a world without you in it.’ – I was squealing and blushing and God only knows what else I was doing and the mix of emotions it left me in is just overwhelming.


I just wanted to recommend you all to watch this series and the movies ( mind you seasons 4 & 5 are taking place before the last movie so that’s why Hiccup’s father is alive in them.) because they’re not just some old Dreamworks animations – they’re stories with great messages in them, advice for actual real life.

Now I need to go, because the Mainland is a real pain that requires me to wake up early yet again tomorrow. I’ll try to come back and talk to you again about this show ( even though it’s not Pixie Hollow or Disney – related.).

Have a good day/night -yawn-








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9 thoughts on “Something that’s not PH – related

  1. Ohhhh I love train your dragon it’s soooooooooooooo cute ❤
    Hey btw should we give that online game of the franchise another try?Anyhow,I might watch the series since you reccomended it 😛


    1. Oh please do and nah because the online world is like – they made all these new places because they appeared in the movies and series and you need to play real – life money to actually be able to go over there. I hate them for doing that I love the game so much but you basically need money for like 90% of it.


  2. Yay, another fan! 😀 I can’t choose between flying on dragons, or flying with pixie wings. I’ve actually only seen the first season of Race to the Edge, and I enjoyed it! The second season sounds so interesting, I must watch it. :O

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