News for the FairyABC update!

Hey guys, June here!


I was browsing around the other day when I saw a tag from my friend and fellow blogger Crystal Airshine, regarding FairyABC.

So, according to Wind Muddle and information from Crystal’s blog ( FairyABC – link to the post on Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets.), the long awaited update is going to finally happen today at 19:00 pm in Wind’s time! ( update: checked the game site and it says that the servers are down due to maintenance SO ITS HAPPENING GET EXCITED! )


That up there is you all currently, trust me I was like this too, well sort of not exactly…..ahem…right let’s just move on then…..okay?


Now that we’re back to normal ( I hope )  let’s go step by step  according to the information I found and look through all the things this update will include.

NOTE:  After this update Wind will be gone for a while so he can go work and earn money to keep our game going and afford other things as well. So this will be the last update we’ll see for a while.

1. So, the major event is that houses are coming back and so is furniture!


I know right? It’s so cool, Wind has been working his a** off for us you guys, we should really be grateful here.

2.  We will have to recreate our fairies but for a very good reason – well actually two good reasons.
– Firstly, because they’ll look like this – insert dramatic drum rolls here-
This used to be Stella – you remember the way our fairies & sparrow men used to look like right? Well that very same way as shown above is what they’ll look like and here’s proof ( note: this following picture is borrowed from Crystal Airshine’s blog! )
Also, the profiles are going to be back as well! I don’t know If they’ll look exactly like the originals we used to have, but as you can see from the picture above its something similar to it at the moment.
– Also, there’s gonna be way more clothes including some of the cool things fairies and sparrowmen could hold like guitars, bags & much more.
3. Another really impressive move from Wind and his team’s end is a step towards free play.
What I mean by this is that he went as far as to allow us to input our own images when we wanna print our fairy/sparrowman – basically you can edit the print preview when you open it from the journal, by adding anything you want like a cooler set of wings or something for the background like maybe your fairy’s pet.
– Not only did he and the team do this, but they also managed to allow us to have sort of a personal space where we can add different backgrounds  – here take a look ( this next image is also borrowed from Crystal Airshine’s blog ):
Nobody will be able to see that but us, it’s private so the only way you’d share the look of that personal space with someone would be a snapshot of it. ( You can use the Snipping tool that comes with Windows 7 and above or you can download one, just google them out!).
After all this you’re all probably reading it and trying to not burst with joy for today right?
Yeah, I know you’re all fine -hears squeaky voices-, but c’mon admit it you can’t wait right?
Well, neither can I and I promise I’ll be back as soon as the update is up  to check it out and fill you in before everyone else!
For now I have to go, because Mainland troubles are calling.
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