FairyABC – Still the same

Hey guys, Amber here!

Today me, my sister Dewdrop and our best friend Crystal Airshine visited the Hollow aka FairyABC out of pure boredom.

We thought it might be updated, but it wasn’t.


Yes, it’s true. Apparently, from what Wind explained to me himself ( and from their preview video on their Facebook page – like it by the way they post all the updates there! ), they’ve been having a problem making the buttons for the furniture in the homes when decorating to work.

So far, there’s no news of their progress but the update is definitely gonna happen, we just don’t know when exactly, but hopefully soon!

In my previous posts I explained in detail ( as did my friend Crystal Airshine over on her blog ) about what the update will include – you should scroll below and read it if you still haven’t.
Now, back to today’s events at the Hollow.



We met two interesting fairies today. One is from the UK – European like me and Crystal and her name was Twinklebell – she was literally Tinkerbell’s twin.
Here, take a look.
She was really fun to hang out with though, If you see any of us say hi! Then, trouble hit us. We experienced all glitches except the ‘going to place 0’ & ‘fairy 0’ ones.
Anyways, it all stopped and we could finally enjoy hanging out properly.
Later on, we met another fairy called Mia. I joked around that she looked like she was roasted, because she was extra black, not even the normal black skinned fairy ( or human ) type. However, it was also kind of cool, and different.
We tried talking to her, but she didn’t want to talk back and left. Anyways, we talked about all kinds of things it was hilarious!
Well, I really hope we get to do this again girls – especially when FairyABC gets updated!
Now I have to go, and I wish you a happy weekend and a good night/morning/day!

2 thoughts on “FairyABC – Still the same

  1. I was so disapointed that it wasn’t updated 😦 ! Can you imagine?I waited for a week for nothing 😦 !
    I came back home super excited to see it too XD.
    Anyhow ,I was rewarded by our bizzare but mostly fun day although I had to refresh like a bunch of times ….. -_-

    Liked by 1 person

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