Back with a Tips Clip!


Hey guys, Stella’s here today!


So, I was getting a lot of questions about FairyABC and decided to answer them all to you via a video plus I provided links to this blog and Crystal Airshine’s Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets.

The video is over on my Youtube channel – TheMix and thanks to those who already saw it and to the person that even liked it!




Okay so here’s the video over here as well in case you don’t manage to find my Youtube channel because that’s happened before.
 (   If you can, go watch it over on Youtube as well  here’s the link – – thanks 🙂 )




Also check out my first video about FairyABC if you haven’t already – I made it as soon as I had recreated all of the fairies to show you guys I wasn’t kidding when I said it was really back!


Here, take a look:


 (Again sorry if it doesn’t look good from here, go on Youtube to see it better! )
Well I hope you’ll enjoy them, and for all those who’re about to ask where I made the second video aka the Tips Clip – Worlize.
That’s it for now, fly with you all soon!
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