Story Sneak – Peak

Hey everyone, Harmony here!


Haven’t seen you all for a while!

Today, I’m here because of that one post about a story that’s happening – slowly but surely. It’s still a working progress but for now – I have a special surprise for you!




Yes, get it on with excitement because the official sneak-peak of the story is ready just for you all!

That’s right, so without further ado – drum rolls-

Sneak-peak of the yet to be named story!!


( click the image to hopefully see it better )


Due to the beautiful font I used to type this out, I decided to put it on as a picture this time. Don’t worry though, the story will be copy – pasted here from the blank I’m writing on now.




So, did you like it? Do you think you might have a clue as to how the Hollow will be saved, or maybe how it won’t?
Let me know in the comment section below, maybe some of you will get it right or at least you’ll get super close to the right answer -you never know unless you try!
Well, that’s it from me for now – the story is still being written and I do hope I manage to finish it tomorrow. If not it’s going to be finished by the day after and If it is so ( and even if it’s not) I’ll tease you lots!
Till next time, I hope you all have fun and keep safe!
Harmony – out.

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