The Pixie Summer Hangout – Day 1

Hey guys, Amber here!

So, today was the first day of my event over on Worlize ( more information on my previous post and link to the event on the homepage and within the post mentioned previously).  It was fun, because someone actually turned up!




I was/am overjoyed that someone even decided to just take a look at it.

The first person that showed up was Pearl Cuteshine, and it was fun hanging out with her. She kept switching avatars and we came to a point where we became twins.





This second picture is prior to the twins thing. I actually changed into the same avatar and snapped this just for fun. I want to thank Pearl for taking the time to take at least a look and I hope she liked the few minutes she spent with me.

Also, another person who joined in is a fairy named Snowy – If I’m correct she also took part in the Pixie Prom – the event organized by Gwyn and Flame that went on earlier this summer on Worlize as well.



She kinda went missing by the time I took this shot – apparently she was looking for something on other tabs as you can see. She’s still on as am I and hopefully we’ll have more fun.
Anyway, again I’m inviting all who would like to join in to do so, this event might even last till the end of summer If I can pull off logging in every now and then which I think won’t be a big deal til September starts.
Stay tuned for another post coming shortly by one of the other four!
Lots of love, and happy thoughts!

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