Another Story Sneak-peak

Hey guys, Harmony here again.

I came by today to let you all know of the story I’ve been working on. We decided the following:

1. The main character is our very own Amber Wondermist


2. Another sneak – peak’s coming your way!

The story is almost half-way done. I’ll be posting it very soon and for now sneak – peak one:



The first sneak – peak is this beautiful picture Amber made. Do you think you can guess why the story has a hummingbird named Flutter ( other than the fact that it’s Amber’s pet?) ? What might his role be?
Well, here’s a teaser that might help:

“I sent him so he could help you. I couldn’t stop him even If I tried to.”


So what do you guys think this might be about? What would Flutter do in the story? Will he help somehow?

I suppose you’ll have to either guess down in the comments section or wait and see when the story is published.

For now, have a flaptastic day!

Harmony – signing off.






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