The Hollow is back!

Hey guys, it’s Harmony!!

The update on FairyABC is finally done and you can all go and play now!


So, here I am right now still in FairyABC collecting interesting snapshots for you to see!

Let’s go one thing at a time shall we?


Alright so let’s go over all the things we’ve gotten back with this update.


  1. Places


We got several new places to go to – well not exactly new but they weren’t there on the first version of the game.

The first place is – Frosty Forest!


Dewdrop was kind enough to take this snapshot – the entrance is the same from Evergreen Overlook  just click on the basket on the ropes in the tree and you’re in the Frosty Forest area.
The cookie shop that was there once isn’t though, so even If the house is there the shop isn’t working.
Second place we got back is Mermaid Grotto!
Dewdrop took a snapshot of this as well and from what she’s told me everything but the actual mermaids and the crab is there. You can hear the mermaids’ laugh in the background but I haven’t actually seen any of them yet.
And the third place we got back is….. -drum rolls please- The Winter Palace!
If you remember the piano and the Christmas tree – of course you do, well they’re both fully functional. The tree shines on its own while you need to click the piano for it to play music.
Note: The entrance to the Ice Palace IS NOT the key you’ll see in Chilly Falls. Rather you need to go to the Hollow’s map and go above Chilly Falls in the blank snow area. There’s gonna be sparkles and the name Winter Hall will show up. Here’s a preview:
2. Fairies & looks 
As you can all remember our fairies/sparrowmen used to look like so prior to this update:

Now, they can look like this:
You can now change your current look to these better hairstyles and you can find the clothes you see on the second picture of me in Summit Style – in Acorn Summit as before.
3. Ingredients 
In the game occasionally in different meadows ingredients will show up. You can collect these but as far as I can tell you don’t need them for shopping. You can gather them with others for fun.
4. Other information regarding the improved FairyABC
Other information I can give you right now is in regards of glitches you might experience during gameplay.
There’s still the problem with the twins. One fairy experienced this today. The only way I can think of getting rid of your double is by refreshing. I believe this happens when the server you’re on gets full.
Here’s a preview of the ‘twin glitch’:
So all you need to do to avoid that is to refresh.
Another glitch is connected to the profiles, which are also kinda back.
Take Dewdrop’s profile for example. She’s a water talent but her profile says she’s an Animal one. To fix this, the admin Luna shared that all you need to do once you see this is refresh and it’ll be sorted out.
Also, sometimes you might disappear when showing up someplace, but that can also be fixed with refreshing.
5. Houses
We all knew this was happening, and it was the reason for the whole update’s delay, but it’s finally here and yes it is rather glitchy.
The fairy homes returned, but with them came new glitches.
One is a fairy home that’s not for your talent. You can be a water talent but get a flower home. It’s no big deal, we could choose our home in the old Hollow but it still looks weird.
Here, take a look:
That’s how they look like when they’re correct. Incorrect ones are the same only given to a wrong talent fairy.
– Lastly, this blog’s banner is about to be changed with the new versions of us. Hope you like that!

Guys, I really hope I helped here and here’s one last thing for now: the fairies are too tiny currently, but I’ve let the active admin in the Hollow today – Luna  know about it. She told me that that’s easy to fix and it’ll be done in a day or two.

So, don’t worry if you look like an ant, you will not look like that for long!

I hope you liked my mile-long post!

Until next time,

( ignore my wrongly written name on the second picture of me – thanks o.o xD )


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