Surprises keep coming from FairyABC

Hey guys, it’s Amber!

So, yesterday after being properly reintroduced to our home – Pixie Hollow and after we pulled ourselves back together again, we started exploring.
You could see from Harmony’s post that it was quite amazing!

However, without any of us knowing yesterday, something amazing happened.



Yes, I was like that mouse up there yesterday as well, because with this new update a surprise came in for all of us on FairyABC aka Pixie Hollow.


We were all goofing off, doing fashion shows and chatting when out of nowhere in the chat below on the screen a fairy started screaming that she saw Rosetta at Summit Style!
We thought some fairy managed to make herself look like Ro, so we didn’t make a big deal out of it until Rosetta herself whispered to us all!
We were stunned.
Later on, we discovered that the admins have taken on the roles of the mentor fairies so they could bring them all back in the game!
They don’t look exactly like those of the original Pixie Hollow, but they’re pretty close.
So, the first mentor that gave us a visit was the queen of flowers herself – Rosetta.
Also, as you can see from the image above we got back to our normal sizes. It’s still glitchy, like after you change clothes or redye them or see someone’s profile or even your own you could get small again but just redo what you did or leave the shop you’re in and you’re gonna be big again.
Anyways, we had so much fun. Unlike the original Pixie Hollow fairy mentors that appeared for special occasions these appeared for no special reason, but only to say hello. Also, unlike the originals they’re controlled by real humans so they talked to us – not just automatically reply thank you or you too like the ones on the original Pixie Hollow did.
Rosetta was really funny though. She even complimented one of my friends’ hat!
She fell asleep later because of a cake Tinkerbell gave her,
Next, the water talent wonder – Silvermist showed up and pretty soon Tinkerbell joined in because we asked Silvermist to call her.
It was so much fun, we talked, we played Pixie Trivia with Tink – I have to admit these mentors controlled by humans are way better than the original ones. At least they try to entertain us.
Also, later on with a huge delay Fawn came by. We asked Rosetta about whether she could show up and she agreed to let her and everyone else know. Then Tinkerbell ‘caught’ a flying letter from her while we were all in Dewdrop Vale and told us she was coming, soon.
We all went to Tinkerbell’s house next, but due to the glitching she switched locations and we sat in front of Fawn’s home to wait for her.
She had issues, and she took long to choose her outfit but eventually she made it and she made me so happy because apparently she remembered mentoring me!
She didn’t stay long and right before she left I asked her to hug the animals for me and she promised she would!
Honestly isn’t my mentor the best? 😛
We didn’t see Iridessa though ( probably because she isn’t created yet ) but we hope to see her any time now and as soon as we do, I’ll let you know about it.
Also there was a talk about Terence and Dulcie coming back. The mentors said that they’re working on it and they asked us what we wanted to do, obviously so they’d know what they should work on.
It was amazing last night, and I hope tonight will be great too.
p.s. Also another thing: I talked to Wind about the issue with Chrome not letting some fairies play and told him about it. He advised me to do the following:
Go to the menu button on Chrome – then go on More Tools in the menu bar then the last option in the submenu which is Developer Tools and a window like so will open:
You see the bar above that starts with Elements? Well you need to click on Network and you’ll see those three items with check boxes next to each of them. One is Disable Cache which you need to UNCHECK. Then when you load the game again you have to go back there and CHECK IT back, so it could load faster.
Also you can clean your cache regularly by going to History and choosing to delete it, and when the menu of what you want deleted shows up you just leave cache checked and it’ll get sorted out on its own in a minute or two.
Also, according to Wind you only wait 20 minutes to log in the first time after recreating your account & fairy. So next time, after that you’ll wait less!
Well, hope this information was useful and hope it helps! ( it worked for me but I didn’t manage to get on from Chrome the other day, but I can tell you it was loading.)
See you in the Hollow,

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