Let’s help FairyABC!

Hey guys!

Juniper here today, and I wish to discuss a rather serious matter with you all.

As you’ve all been notified by my blogger best friend Crystal Airshine already, FairyABC faced the stop sign for a brief period of time.

However, a fairy spent all her pocket money to keep it up and here’s the reason why it actually went down in the first place.



Do you know what bandwidth is?

Well, here’s a short explanation:

The range of frequencies within a given band, in particular that’s used for transmitting a signal.

This means that the owner of the Pixie Hollow remake – Wind Muddle and his crew use a shared server and they have a limited amount of space to store data related to the game.
Originally they thought the game would have up to 20 players, but thanks to us bloggers who spread the news as soon as it was opened up the number of players hit more than a 1000 ( whoops? :/ ).

However, there are ways to help keep the game going till September 1st when they’ll be able to afford a bit more space and for future reference as well.

1. What you can do is disable Adblock. This is a plugin that disables ads on all sites. Now, it is rather useful, but since FairyABC owners  use the ads they allow on the website as revenue to keep the game alive it would be best to disable it and I’ll show you how.

Firstly you go on the top right corner of your browser and you’ll see icons next to each other of apps like so:



Now, you see the circled symbol? That’s Adblock’s symbol. The number – 1 under it means that’s how many ads it has blocked currently on Blogger.

This is very useful, because in many sites which are good the ads you see are spam and potential virus bringers. So, it’s good to have it but NOT for FairyABC.

Okay, now you click on the symbol circled above and – you do the following:


You need to choose one of the two choices marked with a yellow marker on the image above. The best option though would be the second one – disabling ads for pages on the entire domain so whichever site you visit: be it the sign-in page, the game page or the server page, all the ads on any of them will always get blocked automatically and you won’t have to click the first one all the time.

That was easy wasn’t it?


garfield with flowered glasses

2. The other thing you could do is visit the site, at least once per day even If you can’t spend hours on it just a few minutes on to let’s say just change your fairy’s clothes or say hi to someone is quite enough to help support the game.

3. And also  personally, I’d like to ask you all TO NOT create any more account until we know that the crew has enough space for them all.
I think that creating all those celebrity – based fairies and sparrowmen have raised the number of accounts more than it was before. Personally I only have two – Meghan Trainor & Zendaya and I am not going to create any more of them – plus the option for naming them with our own names isn’t available anymore and my guess is that’s the reason for it.

So even if that option does come back DO NOT overdo it. It takes up space and remember – our creators are just TEENS who have NO JOBS of their own and are paying out of their allowances for us all.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you follow these instructions and use FairyABC wisely.

– All the info I got for this post originates from:


( click the image to take you to Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets & the post on this matter!)

I’ll see you all soon!



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