Blog maintenance & FairyABC news!

Hey everyone, Harmony here today!

So, I hear for you Mainlanders, the summer break is ending tomorrow?

Ow. 😣

Well, cheer up because the blog isn’t ending it’s posting days any time soon!

Even If my own school year comes back ( in a month or so ) I still will have time for this – always and forever!

Today, in honor of autumn approaching and the school year’s beginning I thought of cheering you all up!

How you may wonder… 😏

Well, by redecorating this blog!




By the end of the day today – or possibly by tomorrow morning this blog will look like new!
There’s going to be surprises with this update so stay tuned!

Also, news from FairyABC – I got on today and what I found out made me scream ( literally! ) from joy! 😁

There’s new clothes in the clothing stores as well as new shoes, belts, hats & neck wear – however there’s still no new wrist or anklet wear as far as I’m aware. I’m sure that the crew is working on putting something new in those sections too!

Here’s a preview of just what you should expect:


– As you might notice there are glitches and I’d advise you for the time being to not wear the new shoes because there’s not two but only one of them. I’ve already alerted Wind of this and something else so hopefully he’ll sort it out with his team!

For now let’s just savor this glorious moment, spread our wings and….RACE TO SUMMIT STYLE!

I’m going back to working on all the new fliterrific surprises & the look of this blog so, stick around!

Harmony – flying out!




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