New look, FairyABC & more

Hey guys,

The fairy of the shining Sun is with you all again!


Just kidding 😝

Today, I’m here to let you all know that the blog’s new look is almost fully complete but there are things that are still in progress of being made and I hope you’ll love them!

One of these things are renaming the Gallery tab into Harmony’s Camera Roll and adding a new tab by yours truly – I’m not telling what that’s gonna be about it’s a surprise 😊

You’ll see it in a few minutes since I’m working on it right now!


The other thing I wanted to discuss with you is related to FairyABC. I know you all were expecting the new update yesterday, but after speaking to fellow Pixie Pals members and after a visit to the official FairyABC page – I discovered that this update will take a few days to appear.

It’s fine though, as long as it works out like it’s supposed to and I just wanted to let you know that the clothes that appeared a few days ago were an accident. They were a part of the upcoming update, but something happened that made them appear ahead of time.

So, all in all if FairyABC is down when you try going on it, that means they’re applying the update.


Also, do you like the blog’s new look? As I said, we’re still working on it but so far we’ve added flaptastic things to the home page and we’ve changed our looks!

It’s autumn themed and we all posed in our best autumn outfits for it!

Now, on behalf of everyone I want to wish you a good and fruitful school year and remember we’ll always be around!

Now, I’m heading back to working on my special tab!

Stella – flying off!


temp (6)


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