News from TPD!


Hi guys, Juniper here!

I noticed there are are a lot of pixies who use Pinterest, so I decided our blog should have a social department as well.

However, I decided to be unique. 😏
By unique, I mean using a platform that I came across a while ago and that’s WeHeartIt.
You can find me by searching for the following username: @mtrainpanda – or by clicking on the symbol I made which is on the homepage of this blog.
The Blogger version of TPD has a follow me button which is a widget from WeHeartIt themselves which will redirect you via a new tab straight to my profile.
The profile is under the name Juniper, so you can tell who made it. 😛
Anyways, I really hope you’ll like what you see there – I promise to keep it kid-friendly and to put – or repost a lot of Pixie Hollow -related things.
I’ve already put some things in some groups so you should go check that out.
Also, over on Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets there’s an update on the post about the newest FairyABC update.
Turns out the Hollow will be all prepped to look like it always has when it’s Halloween and Animal Masquerade and the clothes will be finally put in their rightful stores!
I can’t confirm anything else for now, but you should definitely go check Crystal Airshine’s post about it.
As soon as I hear from either her or my Pixie Pals colleagues about something new or maybe even the admins themselves when I come across someone online on FABC I’ll let you all know.
For now I’m leaving you and flapping my wings to other things that require my attention over in the Mainland.
Love you!
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