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Hi guys, Stella here!

So, this past week I’ve been active around as well as in FairyABC and I really need to address a problem that seems to have everyone’s attention right now.

An admin of FABC has already expressed her opinion about it over on the official Facebook page.

Right now however, it’s my turn to express mine.

Even in the old Pixie Hollow there was one thing everyone was against – drama. Its roots come from there. Recently, it’s been around more and more.

And this is bad.

Right now you’d probably wanna know why.

Well, I’ll try to be short and explain my thoughts on the matter and finally share some TPD – related news – good ones of course.




The reason why drama is bad is because it causes people to be under stress and to be nervous for one thing. On another note, it causes conflict between those who find pleasure in doing this and those who are being bothered by it and are against it.

I for one am against it.

There has been all kinds of drama on FairyABC lately – the most recent case was racism – related.

A very nice fairy had to go through being insulted just because she has a different color of skin than the rest of us. I will not say who, out of respect but I will say that this is unacceptable.
Also all that teasing and making others feel uncomfortable and even scared at some point is called cyber bullying.

It’s a very serious matter – something you shouldn’t play with at all.

I also agree with everything the previously mentioned admin of the facebook page of FABC Harmony said in her post.

They’re -whether we like it or not- some sort of law in the FABC lands. They’re of course not real police officers or something but they do have a job – to keep FairyABC and its players aka us safe. That means that when you get a warning from their end to stop doing something it’s not because they hate you, it’s simply because you’re doing something wrong even though you consider it right.

These people aka fairies are here to check around to see how we’re doing and how we’re enjoying Wind’s work for him, because he’s too busy earning money to keep this up.

Do we really wanna destroy his image of  a perfect, safe and kid-friendly environment for this game?
Do we really want to make him go as far as bringing even tougher measures than the ban button in-game?

I don’t think we do.

But, I do believe that sometimes there’s people who don’t know that what they’re doing is wrong. Here I do believe a warning is also in order but also a second chance.
As for those who literally overdid it – trust me I’ve witnessed a few cases – they need to be banned. They’re either small kids who are bored and cause a mess just for fun or some adult-ish players who just overuse the strong languauge ( cussing ).

Personally I’m in the second category and yes I tend to say “lmao” or “lmfao” or “I’m gonna kms”, but I’ve never and I will never hurt someone’s feelings just because they can’t or won’t use the same language as me or tease them to irritate them because they won’t like it. I’m not the type of person to find it funny when someone feels horrible because of my actions.

You all shouldn’t be that kind of person either.

I’d like to ask of you to please please PLEASE stop spreading drama and bad feelings in the game and out of it.
If you’re unhappy or bored don’t ruin someone else’s day because of that.

Keep the game a family-friendly environment and DO NOT USE  offensive words or cuss if you don’t want to get in trouble with the admins and the Pixie Pals members.



And now, the cheerful news part.
From now on you can find all the stories – long and short over on WATTPAD!
That’s right and I’ve already posted some of the stories there too! Go check them out – the username is @mtrainpanda and the Wattpad is signed as ThePixieDiaries and it has a profile picture of Juniper so you’ll know its this blog’s department there.
I really hope you like this new feature and hope you have a shimmerific day/night!
p.s. Click this image to get to the Wattpad profile of TPD!
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4 thoughts on “FairyABC – related thoughts & more

  1. Very well said. I also do not like any of the drama. I personally asked some faeries to stop talking about an historical person and saying he did nothing wrong, when everything he did was wrong and evil. In the first Pixie Hollow I had three faeries and one was black. I think meanness is always wrong and I for one am happy you spoke up. I am also very supportive of the Admin’s in the game.

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  2. I agree with Rose and Beverly! I also wanted to adress this matter but somehow I kinda never got around to doing that 😦 .Might as well share your post ! 😀 ❤ (But not right now cause I have to go lol )

    Liked by 1 person

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