FairyABC Update #2


Hey guys, Juniper here!

So as you all already heard FairyABC – known to us all as Pixie Hollow is now updated!

That’s right, and here’s a list of the things you’ll see below – but before we head to that I want to explain something shortly because I’m gonna make a video on it and post it within this post in a bit. I already made a video preview of the update which needs to be edited – so I’ll leave two blank spots over here until they’re done and once they are the links which turn into players will be provided down below at the end of this post.




Okay so, here’s what you need to know before anything else I mention.

There is a whole new game-play system now that requires you to use real emails in order to complete your signup process.

Here’s why: When you sign up you’re asked for your email and to type a code for security reasons and then when you click to continue the site known as FairyABC Forum sends you a confirmation link via the email.


That’s right…smart move there FABC crew! Now there won’t be tons of accounts because we can’t use fake emails anymore.
However, the old way still exists, but without the update. So, in order to join us all in the new and improved Pixie Hollow you’ll need to recreate your account & fairy/sparrowman one last time – that’s also right after this if any future changes should happen your accounts aka fairies/sparrowmen WILL NOT be deleted as it was till now, thanks to this new playing system I mentioned.
I have one more fairy – Jade the frost talent that needs to be created. So, I will use that opportunity to show you how to make your account and for now I’m just going to provide you with the link to the new page:
There you can sign up easily – but still I’ll do a short clip so you don’t get lost and/or confused.
Let’s move on then shall we?
As I mentioned above these are the things that have come back so far:

1. The two new shops

We all knew there were two new shops coming our way but we only knew one’s name for certain – The Queen’s Boutique.
Well, the other one’s Gale’s Outfitters!
Now, in the boutique you can’t mix & match, there’s only pre-made aka pre-matched outfits available, but they’re combinations of everything that you can find over in Gale’s Outfitters.
Summit Style basically became the Basics Shop from a long time ago in the original Pixie Hollow, so now the ‘modern & new’ clothes shop is Gale’s. And yes, the admins are aware that it’s in the wrong meadow but who even cares, it’s back that’s what matters the most!

2. Two surprise additions

There was no word from anyone that this was going to happen as the admins and Wind themselves weren’t sure yet – or it might’ve been just so they could use the element of surprise.
If it was the second case then:

Anyhow, the first surprise was the return of the -drum rolls-  > Ballroom!
Now, before you ask why I’m actually outside and not inside – because I’m showing it to you via the video and I don’t wanna spoil that.
And another thing, you need to click the symbols of the places now so you enter. For leaving them – where there are exit signs try the pointing arrow and if that doesn’t work click the name of the meadow it leads to.
The other surprise that made a comeback is the Tearoom!
I also didn’t take a picture of the inside of it because again it’s in the video. ( which I’ll get back to as soon as I’m done with this post.😆 )
Furthermore, I’d like to inform you that the mini games known as Crazy Cakes & Two for Tea have not returned. But hey, better something than nothing right?

3. Meadow decor

As well as getting new places to hang out at, we got cool new meadow looks! The meadows now match autumn weather and looks and also they have Animal Masquerade ( aka Halloween ) decor everywhere.
Here, take a look at some of the decor!
Neat isn’t it?
What’s more, there are new meadows who might come our way.
When I talked with Wind a while back he told me that they’ve been working on something and the recent removal of Frosty Forest makes me personally think that it has something to do with making a Winter Forest – like meadow aka realm.
Now imagine if this happens, it’d be so cool!

Well, there you go, we’ve reached the end of this post.

But, don’t worry you’re yet to see my videos on this update aka: the preview video and the sign-up explanation video.

Here you’ll find them as they become available over on Youtube via TheMix – my channel.

* Pixie Hollow – New Update Preview Clip!


* Sign-up for the new version of FairyABC – Clip! 




I recently found myself unable to access the game so I asked the nice admins from the FairyABC Facebook page about it and one of them told me that the ‘main server not available’ problem is actually not a problem at all.

Turns out, the server is refreshing itself every half an hour ( or 45 minutes tops ) and then it restarts and comes back online again – every single day. I find this a good thing though so If you run into that just wait it out – do something else in the meantime 😉



Hope you’re having a blast!

Till next time,

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