Happy Autumn everyone!




Hey everyone – it’s been a while!

Did you think I abandoned you by any chance?

Nah…I’ve just been busy with other things and didn’t really have time to post – I’ve been around other pixies’ blogs though by commenting and participating in events such as the Pixie Hollow Games 2016.

Okay so as you’ve all noticed by now the font of the posts’ text on the Blogger version of this blog has changed. I decided it had to be different from the title font and this one was spot-on.

Now, the other thing I’d like to remind everyone of is that tonight will be the Animal Masquerade Ball night over on Worlize.

I don’t know when aka what time though because the hostess failed to mention it in her post for the date change. I suppose you should keep checking to see if anyone’s on and you’ll know If it’s started or not.




I also wanted to dedicate this post to the recent change of seasons from summer to autumn! Yeah, I know some ( if not most ) of you hate autumn because for some school starts then but hey think of it as the season where one of the most amazing changes of nature occurs. Leaves change from green to amazing color nuances of red, orange, yellow and purple. It’s truly magical especially if you have a home with a view of a nearby hill or mountain.


I think this last picture shows how magical autumn truly is. ( p.s. sorry for not being able to put the second picture from the Blogger post but I don’t have it on my laptop – it was saved in my Blogger album so I didn’t really know how to get it downloaded from there.)

As for me – I like autumn not just because of the colors it brings with it, but also because of two special holidays my friends celebrate ( unfortunately where I’m from we don’t celebrate them) – Thanksgiving Day and Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween – I love the treats kids get during that festivity, and I love how kids get so creative just for that special occasion with their various costumes and sometimes I wish we had it here too – but where I’m from we have another holiday as you all do where we again wear masks and that’s April Fools Day.

That’s kind of like Halloween except the masks aren’t all spooky. You still can dress yourself like a mummy or a reaper but it’s not all like that.

It’s a fun holiday where people play pranks on each other – but we gather in masks and we just have fun outside.

Anyhow, I made a banner for this special occasion which is located on the top of this post.
I want to wish you all a happy and successful school year, and a very magical autumn.

Also, If you should get the chance, plant some sleepy flower bulbs – I read this from Marigold’s Musings and she makes a good point it’s the best time to plant some specific flowers that will grow and evolve during the other seasons. Look around the wide web for ideas on what to plant. I don’t even know If I’ll do it personally, but I’d like to even though I have no garden I still have a balcony.
So, I’m going to go now and remember – autumn is magical no matter what!
Till next time,


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