The Kimono Squad Day


Hey guys, June here yet again!

I know, you’re beginning to wonder what’s happened to the others – well…. I don’t know but I took over the blog for a while until someone from them has something to say xD

Anyways, today turned out to be a good day over on FairyABC because … we made a Kimono Squad Day!




We were goofing off as per usual and decided to do it in the newest part of the Hollow – The Moon Festival meadow created by the Chinese co-creator of the game. Just as we were all enjoying ourselves a fairy flew in ( River if I’m not mistaken – If I am sorry o.o ) saying she made a kimono.
Then we all ran from store to store to create our own!

Now we’re just calling each other Kimono Squad and let me tell you everyone looks amazing now.

Here’s how I look like:



Also, take a look at our squad:






We’re still on – well most of us anyways and are currently in Palm Tree Cove.
I still don’t know how this happened to be honest, but it’s so much fun and I love being a part of a different culture as a fairy.
I think I did a great job with the kimono I’m wearing too!
Anyways, I also wanted to dedicate this post to all my fellow Asian players as well as the Asian creator.
I wanted to say how beautiful and special your culture and world are. Your side of the planet is truly unique and I’d love to see it one day with my own eyes.
And now, I’d like to ask you dear readers – what is your favorite part of the Asian culture? Why do you like or perhaps why don’t you like it so much?

Answer in the comments below!

Why I like this culture you ask? Well –


1. Amazing bands, traditional music & instruments.

2. Amazing clothes & unique ones as well

3. Holidays I wish we celebrated too because they’re so good and the traditions while they’re on are also awesome!

4. The languages which are challenging are also beautiful and powerful. I love Chinese, studied it as well and I still wanna keep improving.

5. Amazing landscape, monuments and cities. I have got to visit some in the future ( when I make my own money that is cx )

6. The food – everything’s made of rise or includes rise as a side dish. Some street food seems weird and probably has a bad taste, but I do believe it’s at least healthy and from what I’ve seen street food there compared to the American and European ones is like a 1000 times healthier.


Hope you liked my little dedication to the East side of the planet!

Lots of love and good night/day/morning!

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