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Hey everyone!!

I’d like to start this post off with an apology to every single reader no matter If you’ve been active or not for not updating sooner.

I honestly ( until today ) had no idea what to post about, since there’s not much going on at FairyABC & the Pixie Blogging Community.

The other bloggers have also been busy with their own real lives, even though they’re always around just like me.

Now, I’d like to start off with the news.

First off, I’d like to inform you that the blog has finally been redecorated to look a little more Halloween-ey than before and I hope you like it.

Secondly, I’ve been giving this following thing so much thought and I’ve decided the following:

You all know that behind the five fairies on this blog is always one person, but because I like using them all you see more than one ‘writer’ post almost always.

However, after thinking it through I’ve decided that only one of these five fairies should be signing off the posts from now on – that is I decided that from this day forward Juniper is our News Pixie.
She’ll be in charge of posting news and keeping you informed.

As for the other four, well they already have their jobs.

Stella is stuck with her Fashion Spotlight, Harmony’s developing new pictures for her Camera Roll tab and Amber’s going to be in charge of putting up stories on Wattpad since well – Animal talents have that writing talent in them as well. Of course, with this being said, it won’t be only Amber who’ll be in the stories, but she’ll be ‘in charge’ of the Wattpad associated with this  blog.

Regarding the Wattpad ( whose link is on the home page as a button ), I’d also like to inform you If you haven’t already seen that all the new stories are going straight there from now on.

I’ll inform you when they get posted so you can head over there and take a look and there’s always gonna be a cover  picture – link to it within the post.

Now, another heads up from me.

I’ve been working on a plan as to what this Wattpad I mentioned before should include aside from Pixie Hollow – related stories and I’ve come to realize that not only these stories could be added there. I’ve been working on some other things which are also magic-related and are a part of the  fantasy genre just like our Pixie Hollow so I’ll add those stories there as well – that way you’ll always have different things to read not just Pixie Hollow stories.

I am really sorry that this post turned out to be 29437837549 miles long but I really needed to explain to you guys how things are gonna go on from now.

Also, I hope that you didn’t think I’d leave you all again…Because let’s face it, I thought of leaving two years ago and look at me today – back here at the very place I wanted to leave.

Lastly ( this is the part where you say ‘amen sister’  ) keep coming back because there’s going to be a new story available – well the first chapter of it anyways and I really think it’s going to be worth your time!

Still working on a title for it, but I think it’s going to be up one of these days.

Meanwhile, If I post something else over on Wattpad – together with the post on this Pixie Hollow story I’ve been working on I’ll let you know about the others as well.

And now, it was so nice to talk to you all and I hope you had fun reading and learning of all the new things coming your way!

Fly with you all later,

~ The creator of the blog ~ 

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