My closet in autumn


Hey guys, how’s it going?

Today, I kinda got inspired to do a fashion – related post. So, basically I took over Stella’s job for a day ( though not entirely ) and decided to share with you tips for autumn-wear and of course a few of my favorite outfits I have on every autumn!



So, let’s begin. Before I do this however I do have a thought to share with you. At first I had an idea to make a Pixie Closet of some sorts – but then I realized I could do something even better. What if I made a pixie magazine?

Now, I know what you all are going to say – ‘The Pixie Press already exists’ –

Well, I know this and I know the kind of things they post about. I was thinking that perhaps I can do something unique – a monthly issue of the magazine and each would have a cover. This is still just a thought – If I decide to do it I’ll let you all know.

And now – let’s finally begin:



As you can see my style varies according to the weather. This past week has been wet – which meant I had to pay special attention to foot-wear and my wings.

That’s why when I took a stroll the other day I made sure to take an umbrella with me – made out of perfect flower pedals who don’t get soaked and dry out easily.




Do you like it? I sure do! That’s my rainy day outfit. You can notice I wear rubber boots – trust me when there are puddles they’re your best friends.

And of course, the message of the day is – Keep your wings dry!!




Now, before I leave you to enjoy your Friday I’d like to inform you that the story I’ve been working on has one chapter completed and is most likely going to be posted over on this blog’s Wattpad for the extended weekend ( it’s a holiday irl in my country so c: ).
Well, that was it – I hope you enjoyed my post and I’ll see you all very soon!

Keep yourself safe and dry!



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