Update #2 FairyABC on Halloween


Hi guys, I’m back again!

I’m pretty sure you’re all saying ‘oh come on already’ now.

But…I come with some exciting news!

Today when I logged in on FairyABC I accidentally ended up in a new place that was placed this weekend as a part of the party event for Halloween – which is today by the way so happy Halloween!
As I was saying….It took a little flying around until I read the name of the place – ‘Halloween Meadow – Outisde of Pumpkin’.

I also saw a sign that said ‘Inside Pumpkin’.

The entrance to this place is a pink square next to the pumpkin in Havendish Square that says ‘Eat Me.’ I tried several times thinking I’d get a Silly Sweet but instead I kept ending up in the Halloween Meadow over and over again,

Here’s how you get there via pictures:



~  Entrance to the Halloween Meadow ~



~ The outside of the Halloween Meadow ~


~  Entrance to Halloween Pumpkin ~


~ Inside the Halloween Pumpkin ~


Also, to demonstrate this a bit better I’ve taken the liberty of creating a short clip:

I hope you like it and I hope you’re having an awesome Halloween!
Now, I’m leaving you to go trick-or-treating and have some fun!
See you soon!
temp (5)

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