New look + news

Hey everyone!

Do you like the new winter look?

Yeah, I know you do and I also know that you’re wondering why I actually did this so early.

Well, it’s because my exam session is nearing and I will not have the time to decorate the blog when winter actually does come. So, now that you’ve gotten to know the look I’ll also let you know that this blog also has a new icon – however for some reason on the Blogger version it won’t work  so you’ll just have to see it over on the WordPress one.

All the same, here take a look at an enlarged version of it:


It’s my Winter 2016/2017 Badge!

Well, when the time comes you’ll receive something similar but for now I want to share news with you regarding a story I promised I’d post a very VERY long time ago ( I am so sorry about this 0_0).

The story will be over on Wattpad shortly – as soon as I write a title on the cover that is…. Erm, yeah I’m working on that.

Anyhow, I’ve also got one last announcement.

Recently I was scrolling around the FairyABC Forum page when I noticed a thread asking for talented writers  like yours truly here to apply to be official moderator-writers for FairyABC.
I thought about it for a minute and without any hesitation I applied. And, well….See for yourselves:



That’s right – you’re looking at an official – for the moment – quest writer! In the future I won’t be just a quest writer – at least that’s what I was told when I suggested them title names for my job. They told me that I’m simply a writer, and later on I saw that till some point I have moderator privileges on the forum too ( I don’t think I can ban people temporarily or permanently though.).
Well, I’m excited to bring you more good news from that front and as for my own home field – check Wattpad: @mtrainpanda today to see and read  The Pixie Diaries’ new story!
( Chapter 1 of it – the beginning of it all!)
It will be posted in just a few minutes ( maybe even an hour ) – so please check back soon!
Lots of love and happy flapping,
temp (5)



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