The story is finally here…and a bonus…

Hey everyfairy!

I know, I’ve been gone for a while but you can thank uni for that….Anyways I’m back for a bit today and I finally managed to get a title for the story and I posted it.

Yeah…Tell me about it

Anyways, there’s a little extra and another surprise so I did actually try making it up to you guys for the huge delay.

Firstly, there’s not 1 – but 2 chapters out of this story. The link is this clickable cover below >

~ image is clickable! ~ 

Okay, so that’s one surprise out of the way. Now, the other one is …. I started working on a Miraculous Ladybug storybook as well!

For now there’s only one story – or wattysode as I call it ( wattpad episode – my own word combo ) thanks to me being forgetful and not having time to post the other two. But, that’ll be done right after I’ve posted this.

So, here’s the link to that as well via a clickable cover.

~ image is clickable ~

I hope you like that and if not, there’s plenty of other things you can read on my Wattpad.

Before I leave you to it, I’d like to announce another surprise but for another time. I’m still preparing those things and all I can say is that it includes a reward for something.

Now, off I go to bed in the real world and I wish you a good night/day,



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