Changes & ideas


Hey everyone!

Did you like the new stories I posted for you yesterday??

Of course you did, and don’t worry more is on the way!

Today, I’m here for a different matter though. I would like to share some information with you.

First off, today was quite a day for me in real life. I’m in an organization which is a non-profit, non-government one and its global and there I’m a new member to the IT team – meaning I get to help them manage their official blog, do pictures for promotion materials and such.
Today was our very first training session and besides getting a thorough explanation on how to work on WordPress, which is their blogging platform – we also learned how to make personalized e-mails aka newsletters.
The presenter gave us the name of a website we’d be using for our official business but he said that we can mess with it in our free time as well since it’s free.
So, right afterwards, I took the liberty of listening to what he said and meddle with the options the site had. I created an official e-mail for the blog and signed up. Easy so far.

Then, I explored all the options and combined with my memory from the ‘class’ we had about it today it was super easy.

As I was doing all of this, it hit me – the creation of an official mail for my blog was a perfect thing. I could make a newsletter for that – I said to myself thinking it would be great.

But then, I stopped and thought for a second.  A lot of people delete those e-mails because they often spam them with news every day. So, I decided in order to not overload your e-mails instead of newsletters for every post I make – which was my primary idea – it would be a newsletter for things such as holiday greeting cards, official PHF Events reminder, my own blog event reminders or FairyABC event reminders.

The next part followed. Nobody to send all this to. The only e-mail I have from the readers is from a fellow blogger – Marigold Sunjewel. But, still I didn’t want to send anything without gathering more e-mails.

So, in order to do this – I’ll need you to comment down below – fairy name and e-mail where I can send you this. I promise it’s not malware or spam in any way. I just thought it would be great practice for when I use it officially.

The other thing I wanted to discuss is the following:
You’ll probably notice how the stories are not on either of the blogs anymore and wonder where they’ve gone to. Well, since I opened up a department for that over on Wattpad I figured there was no point in keeping the stories on my blog anymore. Instead, I created a bookcase on the WordPress blog and I provided links for it on the Blogger one.
That way readers from both providers will find their way to the reading materials – the stories & books.
For more information on what the bookcase is and what it provides click the tab above!
Thanks so much for reading and see you all very soon!

One thought on “Changes & ideas

    You should just sponge every littlest bit of precious information lol!

    Btw really proud of you ❤ ❤ ❤


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