Christmas and New Year’s Eve in FairyABC

Hi guys, it’s Juniper yet again with another holiday-spirited post!

Today I’ll show you what the recent first ever FairyABC Christmas looked like. It was full of surprises indeed and let me tell you the parties were amazing.

The fist thing I’ve got for you to see is some random screenshots from during the party and then the next day after it – where me, Harmony Magicheart, Petunia  Magicspirit and a few others looked like Christmas tree ornaments or maybe like a rainbow squad….Rainbow Squad sounds much better don’t you think?






As you can probably notice, the Ballroom was changed and even Wind Muddle himself had to come online not just to say hi to us all but to also make sure the Ballroom update was working properly ( there was trouble at the beginning the whole of Havendish Square glitched and we couldn’t get to it but luckily our boss and creator made a fix that saved the day!)
Anyways, these screenshots are from the European timezone party. I have no screenshots from the party/parties that were happening in the US timezone because I wasn’t able to attend ( it was 2 am for me),
And, not only did I take these awesome screenshots but I also made two videos to capture the feeling of being there even better.
~ this is from when we were at the Ice Palace – Winterhall ~
~ this one is from when we moved to the new Ballroom ~
Aren’t they great? Well, I know that there are some technical issues for example they’re not exactly full screened…. But, I’ll try to work out why that happened for my next clips. For now, this is it though and I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year too – lots of health, pocket money and love & success in every field you have in your lives right now, and of course have fun tomorrow night!
I’ll be gone for a few days so, I really do hope you have fun and I’ll talk to you again on the 2nd or the 3rd of January! Till then – The Pixie Diaries has made its last post for 2016 – thank you for being a part of an amazing journey together with me and I’ll see you all in 2017 – let’s make another year to remember!

P.S.  Make sure to stop by the FairyABC forums and check out their plans for today! They have another pre-New Year’s Eve party planned again with famous fairies included. To find out more either go to the forums or follow this link:  The FairyABC New Year’s Eve Fiesta 


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