Promised New Theme


Hi guys, it’s Juniper again,

Well, remember the promise in my New Year Resolution about finding time to freshen this place’s look up?
As you can probably notice while reading this post, it kind of already happened.
It’s a pre-spring theme which I’ll keep until spring apparently. It’s also  love-related thanks to the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Also, you might notice the tabs ‘Stella’s Fashion Spotlight’ & ‘Harmony’s Camera Roll’ are gone now – on both blogs.
The reason behind this is that I simply decided I wouldn’t have enough time to keep those up to date. I’m only focusing on sharing game-related information, some other irrelevant stuff just for fun and writing. I really want to finish the story I’ve been trying to work on for a while for you all and I really hope you’re gonna like the next chapter when it’s up.

Also the blog over on WordPress has a new symbol – the Garden Talents’ Camp Pixie Dust badge – the butterflies.
I hope you all like this new look because I worked hard to make it happen and I hope you enjoy my renewed blog more!

p.s. I will also get to filling up the E-book section of the bookcase with stuff soon and I will update you when that’s gonna start happening!

Keep them wings flappin’!



6 thoughts on “Promised New Theme

  1. Cute new theme, Juni! It’s so festive for Valentine’s Day ❤
    "The blog over on WordPress has a new symbol – the Garden Talents’ Camp Pixie Dust badge – the butterflies." Where is this so I can check it out?!? 😉
    I understand about you removing some of your tabs that you don't have time for anymore…I'm also doing a "clean up" of sorts on my blog in order to put my time and effort into a few areas to make them really great instead of a bunch of areas that get neglected.

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      1. Oh my God Mari hi tysm & off I wouldn’t mind I’d love to help you out!
        For the symbol you need to go to
        – your blog link-/wp-admin – thats a link to your settings. There you should find the option to change your blogs name and stuff…where that option is the blog logo change is also among that. Just choose a picture make sure it’s small though like the badges’ size and use it. Hope this helps – Juni 😉

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    1. Exactly what I’m trying to do. For a while those tabs seemed like a fun new addition to the blog but I never had the time to update them. So I decided to delete them. Again thanks so much and now I gtg 💕

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