Get a Different Name Contest

Read this pixies, exciting news straight from Marigold’s Musings!

Marigold's Musings

Hi Pixies,
The Pixie Hollow Forums (PHF) just started a new contest called Get a Different Name! See below for more info:

Get a Different Name Contest – 2017

(Contest ends February 28, 2017)
Did you know there’s a day dedicated to changing your name? It happens to be in February, so let’s do what we do best and make it a contest! 😀
We want to hear what your new name would be! It could be a new name for yourself IRL or your pixie. Please share with us the old name and the new name.

Post your new name in the PHF by the end of February 28th and you will get this shiny new award (but you will have to keep the old name 😉 ):

Click here to enter the contest with your new name (you have to log in or create an account in the PHF to enter).

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