Tinker Bell Eyeliner Art

Source: Tinker Bell Eyeliner Art


Hi there everyone! I was checking up on Marigold’s blog as usual since I always stay up to date with it ( what can I say I am a huge fan .^. ) and this is what I saw – it is mind-blowing. I bet if I tried it the wings would look terrible lmao. I’m bad at freehand drawing especially when it comes to eye drawings so yeah….Anyways originally found by Marigold Sunjewel  owner/author of Marigold’s Musings – hope you like it!


~ Juni ( cannot add the signature like this )


2 thoughts on “Tinker Bell Eyeliner Art

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Juni! 😀 ❤
    IKR?!? The lady in the tutorial makes drawing the wings look sooo easy, but it's actually crazy difficult if you aren't good at freedrawing – especially while looking into a mirror and drawing on your face 😛

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