Episode 1: Moving in!

Check this nice girl’s very first blog post related to The Sims 4! It’s really unique, way to go! :3

Life in the City with Tiana Kensington

Hey! Tiana here! And today I am moving to San Myshuno!

The receptionist walks up to me and asks “Can I take your photo?”
I sheepishly say “Uh…uh..uh..yeah s-sure”. She asks me to stand still and against my apartment door. She takes out her camera and takes a photo of me.


She says thanks and hands me the key to my apartment. I open the door.
09-30-17_9-15-14 AM.png

“I presume this is the kitchen and dining room”, I mumble to myself.
09-30-17_9-15-50 AM.png
This is the living room…
09-30-17_9-16-10 AM.png
This is the bathroom. “It smells horrbile”, I say to myself.
09-30-17_9-16-27 AM.png
And my bedroom.

I feel a little peckish so I make myself a grilled cheese. I sit down on the chair and take the water bottle out of my pocket and I drink it. I am very tired. But of course my neighbours don’t care! I bang on their door and they apologize and stop…

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