About Me



Hi….uh hello? Yes, you there – the one reading this!

I’m Juniper, and I welcome you to my blog. I hope that you’ll love it here, but before going any further let me tell you a little bit about me and what this blog is really about.

I’m a Fairy.

You don’t know what those are?

Not to worry – I’ll explain.

You see, up in the sky next to the North star there resides another one, smaller one. It’s a whole other world called Neverland. In Neverland there’s a small part that nobody knows about – the home of fairies and sparrows Pixie Hollow -home of the species that takes care of nature and the seasons. We help bring the seasons to you over here on Earth each year and help little critters along the way. Our kind is friendly, intelligent and hard-working. But, we always stay away from humans – not because they’re bad but because they can’t know we exist. I never understood why though.

How are we born you ask?

Well, when a baby’s first laugh is heard that’s when a new fairy or sparrow man is born. We have a whole Talent ceremony where we choose what we’ll do in our lives. Also we’re not only bound to our talents but they’re still our main skills. We can do anything else as well.

For example, I’m a Writer. I write for the Hollow, everyone likes my stories, and they’re usually connected to what I’m going through in everyday life.

And now I should probably mention what this blog is about….Right….

This blog is about what happens daily in Pixie Hollow – all the news and events shared in one place and a place to share all my stories with you as well.

I call it The Pixie Diaries because it’s like a huge collection of diaries for different things.

My only hope is that you’ll like it as much as I do….

Well, pixie duties call now – but again thanks for stopping by and for reading this!

Also, there’s a picture of me above this post and this down here is my signature!


Gotta fly, keep it dusty!








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