The Bookcase


Welcome to the bookcase!


This is the official The Pixie Diaries bookcase, where you’ll find everything this blog has to offer from reading materials.

What’s in it you ask? Well…a few things:

  1.  The Pixie Diaries Originals – stories & books from this blog
  2. Original works by other pixie bloggers from the community
  3. Book recommendations for books which are not Pixie Hollow – related but worth checking out!


  • Also in order to apply for your stories to be shared over on the Guest Shelf – or a story/stories of a friend you’ll need to contact me via this contact form:



p.s. For visiting each sub-page you get a special animal – themed talent badge – the symbols that represent each fairy talent throughout the Hollow!

For visiting this page, you’ve earned yourselves the first one!



~ borrowed from Marigold’s Musings – Marigold Sunjewel’s blog ~